Where We Source From: II

Your clothes are only as good as the fabric they are made with. The difference between a $50 and $500 piece is often the difference in the quality of the fabric and of course the craftsmanship. When you put on a Herringbone & Sui garment you will instantly feel the difference. The way the fabric falls and feels on your body is altogether something special. The reason we are able to do this is because we source our fabrics from the most reputed and well known mills in the world. A few weeks ago we began this journey and looked at four of the mills we work with, this week we will move on to four more.


A British establishment, built in 1842 by Jules Dormeuil, the company is now a world leader in providing fine fabrics. The team pays great attention to detail and prizes innovation allowing them to create some of the most technologically advanced and comfortable fabrics. Based in England, Dormeuil has dressed everyone from Hollywood stars to royalty. They offer both bespoke and ready to wear services which make them a favourite world over.


Started in 1973, Drago is one of the first fully integrated mills in Italy. Located in the famed Biella region, Drago uses Italian traditions blended with modern techniques to produce beautiful fabrics. The mill produces over 1,750,000 metres of fabric and year and sell across the world. Herringbone & Sui use many of Drago’s weaves in suits and jackets.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna is known for impeccable style and fine quality when it comes to men’s suiting. Founded in 1910, the mill prides itself on producing only the best woolen weaves. Over the past years, they have worked to make fabrics softer and more refine while providing increased versatility and durability. The company specializes in high quality wool, mohair and cashmere fabrics. Their Techmerino fabric is one of their best-selling fabrics and is water, wind and snow resistant which makes it perfect for any kind of garment.

Lanificio Tessilstrona

Lanificio Tessilstrona has been creating high quality fabrics since 1966 when Francesco Mello Rella and his father in law Franco Grosso founded the company. Located in the world famous Biella region, the mill performs every stage of the process from spinning to finishing. The company specializes in Biellese wool and Herringbone & Sui uses these weaves in the construction of several suits.

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