How To Wear: Lapel Pin

We here at H&S are big fans of old world elegance. If there is one way to elevate your look, it is with unique accessories. This week we’ve been exploring the world of lapel pins and wanted to share a little bit of insight along with tips on how to wear these small accessories. Let’s start at the beginning, that is the lapel. This is the part of your jacket that is immediately under the collar and folds over to open up to the chest. Though there is no major significance of the lapel pin, in ancient times these were used for military decoration or to denote affiliations and associations. Lapel pins come in a very wide variety and can range from a floral style pin to a graduation pin or army pin. Whatever your selection, here are our tips on how to wear this.

Before lapel pins, there were boutonnières which are made of real flowers. These would be drawn through the button hole to add a decorative element to the suit. These must always be worn on the left side and the stem of the flower can be at a slight angle to the lapel.

Lapel pins often mimic the boutonnière and are shaped like flowers, usually made of fabric or crocheted. These attractive accessories should be used to enhance your look not draw attention to themselves so choose a colour that matches your jacket or stands out slightly. Do not try to make a style statement with a polka dotted lapel pin! Keep the size in proportion to your outfit and again, always on the left side.

There is no right or wrong time to wear a lapel pin, you could wear them to a dinner date or wedding, it’s really how you style it. You can even try a lapel pin in your waistcoat or sweater for added flair. You can also look for brooch style lapel pins which can be attached to the lapel rather than button hole.

Herringbone & Sui has a range of lapel pins for you to choose from so take your pick and start styling.

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