Tonal Dressing

Have you ever been teased for having no idea what colours go together? Sometimes matching can be difficult and we wanted to find a way to get around this little speed bump. That’s when we heard about tonal dressing. Tonal dressing is when you embrace one colour in all its glory. Now we’re not saying that you can wear all black and look cool, but the idea is the same. Using one colour, perhaps in different shades to create a unique and interesting look is what tonal dressing is all about. Tonal dressing is not only great for those of us who hate mixing and matching shades, but it is also a big summer trend. Though this sounds quite easy, you will be surprised at how quickly things can go wrong and your tonal blue look suddenly makes you look you’re part of the Blue Man Group. Follow these tips to ensure you do tonal dressing right.

Start with Neutrals

Rather than jumping into an outfit inspired by little red riding hood, we suggest you tackle some of the easier colours first such as navy blue, black and white. We are also big fans of breaking up tonal looks with splashes of white or black. For example, wearing blue jeans with a navy blue sweater and white sneakers will look more balanced than wearing navy shoes.

Try Pastels

Pastels are huge for summer and are even bigger when it comes to tonal dressing. Wearing a pastel pink shirt with baby pink shorts and a pair of black sneakers is way less daunting than trying to fit a hot pink shirt into your outfit.

Shades of the Same

Grey and beige are two colours that have so many shades within them. You can do a completely grey tonal look but be sporting jeans that are close to black with a shirt that is almost white. The same can be said for beige; certain beige products can look pink and orange while others are almost cream. These are definitely easier to work with than just one shade of the same colour.


Use your Accessories

When your entire outfit is of one colour, it can get a little boring. This is when you can use your accessories to add in pops of colour. You can do this with canvas shoes, white sneakers, brown loafers or even a brightly coloured hat.


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