How To Throw A Great Dinner Party

Being a bachelor in the city, you’re probably a pro at attending parties. Couples invite you as part of their few single friends hoping you may find your future plus one at one of their soirees. Attending parties is easy, you throw on your favourite Herringbone & Sui shirt, a pair of jeans or trousers depending on the occasion and pick up a bottle of nice red wine on your way there. While you’re there you flirt with the ladies, talk shop and sports with the mean, indulge in a nice home cooked meal and you’re done. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night. However, there may come a time where you’re keen to repay the favour back to all your hosts and hostesses and that’s when it becomes a little tricky. Fear not, with our foolproof party guide you’ll be the hostess with the mostest in no time!


The Guestlist

Guest list

This is the first and most important step. Figure out what your home can accommodate; if you only have seating for 10 then it’s key not to invite more than 8-10 guests. For a first-time entertainer, we suggest keeping the list between 6-8 people which is easy enough to manage. The key here is to give your list a good mix. Don’t invite all your boys and their girlfriends because you guys see each other enough. Include maybe two of your usual couples and then one or two from another group to mix it up. Also, if you’re inviting a friend you always have to invite their plus one no matter how boring they might be- so keep this in consideration when making your list!


The Prep

The Prep

Get your housekeeper to clean your house as if the president is coming over, it needs to be spotless. This includes bathrooms, bedrooms and even the kitchen because you never know who may come in to help out with something. Make sure you have fresh linens in the toilets, candles in the living room, the air conditioner on blast for an hour before guests arrive and a decent speaker set up with a playlist. In terms of food, for a first-time entertainer we would suggest ordering in from a boutique caterer or your favourite restaurant. Ask them to have the food delivered about 30 minutes before you will eat so that it doesn’t get too cold but you have enough time to plate it up. As a bachelor, you won’t totally be looked down up for serving food out of takeaway containers but do avoid this if possible.


The Drinks

The first thing you want to do when guests walk in the room is send a bartender over and arrange their tipple. A dinner party is a place to relax and really enjoy the end of the week so have enough booze stocked and enough varieties. We suggest red and white wine, your usual hard liquors so whiskey, vodka, rum and gin and some beer. Anything beyond this shouldn’t be expected from someone’s home. In terms of your own consumption, keep it light, the last thing your guests want is to have to put you to bed, in your own home.


The most important part of any dinner party is you, the host. If the host is stressed and nervous then your guests will feel the same way. If you’re enjoying yourself then your guests will feed off this energy. At the end of the day you’re no Anthony Bourdain and no one expects you to be one. Do your best, make everyone comfortable and have fun!


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