The Skincare Routine Every Man Needs

The Skincare Routine Every Man Needs
We’re sure the title of this post may surprise you, but yes, men also need to take care of their skin. All those ads you see on television of John Abraham turning three shades lighter may be a bit of an exaggeration but taking care of your skin is as important as going to the doctor or the dentist. No matter how well-fit or tailored your suit is, if you’ve got a headlight for a forehead, everyone’s eyes will be on your oily skin. Starting to take care of your skin may feel overwhelming but it’s super simple with only three steps. That’s right, all you need are three products to take your skin from drab to fab.

Step One: Cleanse

CleanseThis may be the most important and easiest step of all, cleansing your skin. This becomes the foundation of your skincare routine and is what will help you get rid of all that pollution, dirt and oil from your face. Dermatologists recommend using a cleanser at least once a day, usually in the morning, but if you spend a lot of time outside or work out in the evenings, we’d suggest using your cleanser again in the evening. Look for a cleanser that is gentle, without any beads or exfoliating particles. All you need is something simple to clean your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Check basic brands like Neutrogena and Cetaphil at your local chemist for agood, sturdy cleanser.

Step Two: Moisturize

MoisturizeA decent moisturizer is something that will not only change your life, but once you start you will never go back. Your face will never again feel tight, dry or flaky because that is exactly what moisturizers are for. Once you’ve cleansed and dried your face, use a small quantity of a good quality face cream, we like the Crème de la Mer by La Mer to smooth away fine lines, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and add at least five years to your skin. This step is incredible important for repairing damaged skin and to nourish and replenish all those oils you’ve lots while in the shower.

Step Three: Sunscreen


Living in India, we don’t spend a lot of time outdoors however, whatever little time we do spend is enough to do some serious damage to our skin. A good sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 is incredibly important to protect your skin. The skin on our face is much thinner than that on our bodies so even if you don’t have time to use sunscreen all over, every single day, make it a habit to put a little bit on before you leave the house. You can do this right after you moisturize or even find a moisturizer with SPF as well to reduce your workload by one step.


Who knew that getting great, nourished skin could be so easy? Now our next issue will to get everyone to stop staring at your miniscule pores and focusing on that made to measure shirt from Herringbone & Sui!

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