Summer Jackets

Summer Jackets

When the summer months roll around, they bring with them an attitude of languid ease we can’t help but slip into. As we dream of shorter hours at work and long hours on the beach, our dress code yearns to ditch our regular wear for lighter fare. An essential element of the modern man’s wardrobe, the jacket calls to be worn all round the year. While suiting up in the searing heat can seem, contrarian, the summer jacket is tailored to translate the lightness of summer into a sartorially sensible piece.

The breakdown of the summer jacket is defined by two dominant features, construction and fabric. Jackets are constructed in various degrees of weight, texture and breathability to suit different temperatures. The essence of a summer jacket lies in its lining or lack thereof. Half-lined or unlined jackets allow for more ventilation, making them breathable and lighter in weight. Less lining usually results in a more relaxed silhouette, a fit complemented by the choice of fabric.

Seasonal summer fabrics are soft, lightweight and tend to be comprised of looser weaves than their regular counterparts to allow for more airflow. The most versatile and summer-friendly fabric for the summer jacket is cotton. Varying from relaxed to fine, it’s naturally breathable and absorbent. Cotton also forms the composition of seersucker. Characterized by its crinkly surface and puckered stripes, seersucker jackets retain their place as the very picture of old-school summer style. Linen, another classic summer fabric, sits slightly away from the body, giving it room to breathe. Its slightly slubby texture and visibly open weave convey a sense of airy nonchalance. Traditionally thought of as a cold-weather fabric, certain types of lightweight wool are designed to withstand warmer temperatures. Composed of high-twisted yarn with an open weave, summer wools make for a much more breathable fabric than winter wools without compromising on elegance.

A jacket dresses up any event from work to social engagements. Here are our picks for when the season calls for a more laidback aesthetic that guarantees comfort, yet still looks effortlessly luxurious

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