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Jay Z wrote a song named after him and Justin Timberlake mentions him in one of his biggest hits, making it clear that Tom Ford needs no introduction when it comes to fashion. Tom Ford may have graduated in architecture but his heart was always in fashion. He was the man that took Gucci from the verge of bankruptcy to a company valued at USD 10 billion when he left. Tom Ford redefined fashion for the luxury house and continued to work his magic at YSL until he left to start his own eponymous label. Ford has described his customer as someone who is well travelled, cultured and stylish. His designs are always sleek, glamorous and sexy and he has dressed everyone from Michelle Obama and Beyonce to Johnny Depp and Will Smith. Although he has been recognized as being one of fashion’s biggest superstars, Ford’s own sense of style has not gone unnoticed.

Tom Ford
Known for his provocative campaigns and controversial designs, Tom Ford is responsible for changing the face of European fashion in some ways. He knew he had to leave America after spending a few years working in American fashion where he felt it was “looked down upon to be too stylish”. He always had a flair for luxury and this really came through in his designs. Although he often butted heads with the more bureaucratic side of fashion such as Gucci chairman Maurizio Gucci, his commercial success spoke for itself. He was the man who brought Halston inspired velvet hipsters, satin shirts and patent leather boots back to the forefront of 90s fashion.

Tom Ford

If you want to dress like the perfect Tom Ford man, then you’ll need to follow a few of his commandments.

Classic simplicity always works

Classic Black Suit
As much as Ford has played around with silhouettes and designs, he has never been one for maximalism. Even when it comes to his own suits he keeps it simple with one colour, often black, classic tailoring and a fitted shape. He believes that fashion should be less about trends and more about looking good with what suits you, which the classics always do. Always opt for a dark, single-breasted suit with a crisp white shirt and wide peak lapels. To ensure you don’t look like a waiter you can accessorize with a white pocket square or chic necktie.

Don’t think too much about it

For a man who thinks that every straight man should sleep with at least one guy, and that every gay man should sleep with a woman at least once; Tom Ford clearly doesn’t stick to the conventional. He loves strong, independent women who know exactly what they want and go for it. His clothes are daring, sexy and always flattering. When it comes to mixing and matching prints, don’t overthink your fashion and do what feels right.

Make a statement

Make a statement
It’s clear that Tom Ford has a thing for accessories, especially sunglasses. His eyewear line has done phenomenally well and he likes to have fun with his sunnies. His lenses veer toward the retro era as they’re often light and oversized. He also loves his luggage and believes that duffel bags are for children. He has a penchant for soft fabrics like suede, shearling and velvet and isn’t afraid to use these luxe materials on every day pieces.

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