Street style: Ties

If you’re wearing a tie, it’s pretty much the first thing people will notice. “Hey, nice tie!” is a common sentiment when you decide to get knotty. Wearing a tie is like a mark of distinction, whether you’re heading to the office or having a cigar at a gentleman’s club, a tie can really bring together an outfit and add a touch of character to your look. There are tons of ways to wear a tie and the variety of prints is mind-boggling. Here are some tips from us to keep you looking your best.

Street style: Ties


No matter how short or tall you are the end of your tie must stop right at your waistline or wherever your belt is.


Skinny ties are getting popular but we always suggest sticking to something more classic- nothing more than 2.75 inches thick. If you do choose to go thicker you may end up looking like an American politician however if you can rock it, why not?

The knot

There are so many ways to knot a tie, though honestly you only need to learn a few key techniques. The more traditional knots like the half Windsor and Prince Albert are great but not necessary. Stick to what you know and keep it simple.



Ties are an area you can really have fun with. Now that doesn’t mean find something with Donald Duck printed all over but you can opt for subtle floral designs or masculine stripes to make a strong style statement. Mix and match prints to really up your sartorial skills.

If you’re not sure about the occasion, wearing a tie never hurts and hey, if you arrive and realize you’re overdressed- just ditch it.

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