Street Style: Bright Colours

There is much to be said about men’s fashion but unfortunately some of the first words that come to mind include navy, grey, pinstripes and white. Not exactly a full box of crayons. We spend our days in corporate settings where loud style statements are frowned upon and then when it comes to after-work, sometimes you throw on the first thing you find.

Times are changing and dressing up is seen as more of a luxury than a necessity. Most workplaces are more flexible and appreciate a little bit of colour now and then. Here are a few ways to brighten up your workday.


Not everyone’s cup of tea though definitely the a great way to say good morning, yellow is bright, friendly and very chic.


Red is the colour of love, power and passion. Think of mixing reds and pinks for an even brighter outfit.


The colour of envy, green comes in so many flattering shades you never have to feel confined to just one.

Herringbone & Sui caters to every personality and colour. Customize your favourite piece in your favourite shade for a truly colourful experience.

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