“One can never have enough socks”. Sure, Dumbledore was struck with great sense when he said so! For, it is how you finish or sum up a look that makes all the difference. By the virtue of being concealed for the most part, unlike the more visible accessories like the tie, pocket square and cufflinks, they don’t provide the most evident effect in terms of contrast. Having put that across, they allow ample opportunities for sartorial keenness and must fit in cordially between your trousers and shoes.  The most significant thing to remember here is the length of your socks. Do not make the monumental mistake of revealing your legs on account of short socks for when you sit down. Always, make sure that they are long enough to conceal the exposed part of your legs for when you sit down.

Speaking of choosing the right color to match your attire, you may use the shade-on-shade approach in respect to your trousers and shoes. Just make sure that the color choice must be noticeably darker or lighter that the shoes or the trousers. If you are up to the task, you may even want to experiment with bolder colors that stand out from the rest of the ensemble. This is certainly a more tricky proposition in case of work wear and remains a matter of personal choice and the propensity to take sartorial risks! Think purple, yellow, green and light blue! Of course, it might take you a few mistakes, a certain personality and considerable experience to master this art of mix-and-match!

Socks in sophisticated geometric patterns are apt for formal wear and playful and quirky patterns may be reserved for casual wear. Now in case of a “Spezzato” ( The Italian art of putting together a jacket and trousers which are not a suit, but complement each other) this choice gains a whole new dimension. You must then want to match the main color of the socks with the dominant color in the jacket and the secondary color with that of the pants.

We hope that you have enjoyed our discourse on socks and for your other sartorial needs, there is always

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