Pocket Squares

Of course, Indian Politicos have totally unearthed the racket of looking dangerously dapper and endearingly swoon-worthy. One look at Omar Abdullah, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Shashi Tharoor and you will know what we are alluding to. A common thread which runs through the above names is their ineffable love for yes, Pocket Squares! Their rareness might bluff people into thinking that they are the solitary domain of Metrosexuals and industry insiders. This is one misconception that we wish to undo. Who better than the ones who run the nation to decimate this myth!

A Pocket Square is a time-tested, elegant accessory and has witnessed uncountable generations basking in its glory. The only way one could go wrong with this piece of suaveness is by wearing it indiscreetly. Matching it with the tie is one way of committing this sartorial hara-kiri!  Any classic look would require an effortless correspondence between the jacket, trousers, shirt and the tie. If you are a first timer and are not accompanied by a personal shopper, you might want to play it safe by combining wool or a cashmere Pocket Square with a tweed or a flannel Jacket and a solid one with a striped shirt and a patterned tie. They are available in a host of fabrics, blends and sizes. Now, the most pressing query and challenging concern would be how to wear it. Of course there is a friend at your disposal, namely google, replete with an array of styles. However, the most common way to wear it would be the formal presidential way (the one folded at all the right angles). There is of course the double, triple, rectangular and innumerable other ways to wear it. The internet is sprinkled with flamboyant “rose-shaped” Pocket Squares, with the center or the center and peaks both outside (this one being ultra elegant). Ideal would be to wear it with a dash of casualness, composure, insouciance and an irreplaceable personal touch! There is always Herringbone and Sui to help you with it.

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