The Perfect Party Season Accessories

November officially signals the start of ‘party season’. This means that from now until early January, get ready to be at some sort of social gathering at least once a week. This could be an engagement, wedding or just a house party but it’s something about the end of the year that gets everyone in a very festive mood. Now we aren’t complaining at all, we love a good party and we love getting dressed up even more. When it comes to formal dressing there are a few ways to enhance your look with a pocket square being one of our favourites. A chic accessory when worn right and a bulky hanky when worn incorrectly, the pocket square requires finesse and style. A pocket square can add print, colour and texture to your outfit in an easy and simple way.


The bowtie is another item that not everyone feels comfortable wearing. The bowtie has a very formal connotation but with our varieties of fresh and funky bowties you don’t need to worry about that. Forget your father’s black silk bowties and invite texture and colour into your life and outfit. This is a quick and easy way to up your style game without having to invest big bucks.


Double Monks
The shoes really do make the man and with Herringbone & Sui’s customizable shoes you never have to worry about a shoe bite or corn again. Our shoes are expertly made by cobblers who mould each piece to your foot to ensure the most comfortable and stylish footwear ever. We have a huge variety of styles, materials and designs so you can always put your best foot forward.


We often forget how lucky we are to live in India, not because of the potholes or pollution but because we have access to at least three unique climates at any given time. We’ve got tropical beaches, cool hill stations, freezing cold mountains and pleasant plains. It is with this in mind that we arrive and our next party favourite, the shawl. A shawl is versatile and works well when you need to shield yourself (or your partner) from a slight nip in the air. We have been working on a range of hand embroidered pieces that will have your entire party asking to borrow your shawl!

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