Need we say more: A few hard and fast rules.

  1. Tie-Lapel Rule- Visually speaking, proportions are key to determining perfection in any look. The golden rule dictates that the maximum width of the tie must never exceed the maximum width of the lapel.
  1. The thin and broad of it- Broadly speaking, thin lapels are more contemporary and fashionable vis-a-vis broad lapels, which are more old-school and vintage. Think Don Draper from Mad Men.
  1. Pocket-square and Tie- It goes without saying that a pocket-square adds a dash of impeccable grooming when it comes to suiting up. Having said that, it would be the wisest to keep the fabric, style and pattern of the pocket square different from that of the tie.
  1. The lapel and collar connect- As a rule, the jacket lapel ought to follow the line of the shirt collar. A gap or a hollow between the two is a sign of definite unkemptness and reflects a bad fit.
  1. Shoulder pads- This is especially true while buying a readymade jacket. Make sure that the shoulder pads do not jut out or jut up artificially. Few things look more unbecoming than that.
  1. Color facts- A dark gray suit is way more functional than a jet black suit. It goes with an array of colors. A jet black suit is absolutely apt for a funeral though!
  1. Belt and shoe connect- For an absolutely synchronized look, your belt and your shoes must be the same color.
  1. Double vents- Double vents are usually more relevant and contemporary and of course, they allow you enough comfort to slide your hands in your trouser pockets.
  1. Peak Lapel Single- button Jacket- This Jacket works the best for a swankier, informal look.
  1. Double-button notched lapel Jacket- This is a more reserved and formal look and works the best for formal and business wear.
  1. Hanging your Trousers- There is a way to prevent your Pants from slipping off the Hangar. All you need to do is fold the trousers along the crotch with the trouser U facing the bar of the hangar, sliding the hems in the first fold and the waist in the second fold. This is also called the Savile Row fold.
  2. The ideal fit- An ideal fit commands that you should be able to slide your hand between the Jacket and your chest. It should be fairly snug, but with enough ease to move.
  1. Golden rule- Always, unbutton your Jacket while sitting or you risk damaging your Suit.
  1. The button rule- The top button of a two-button suit or the middle button of a three button suit should fall right at or above the navel
  1. The head-knot connect- Always use the size of your head to determine the width of your tie. The usual rule is big head-full knot, small head-half knot.
  1. Always keep the bottom button of your waistcoat unbuttoned.
  1. Besides being stylish, a vest keeps you warm and adds a degree of formality to the entire look.
  1. The harmony rule- Always expose half an inch of your shirt from under your Jacket sleeve. For more synchrony, match the visible cuff length and the shirt collar that is visible at the back of the neck.
  1. Make sure that your socks are long enough to cover your legs when you sit so that you don’t give people a peek of your bare legs.
  1. Your Jacket length should just be long enough to cover your crotch and butt.
  1. Your tie should end at the waistband of your trousers or be a little shorter.
  1. For a dapper look, the trouser hem should just hit the top of your shoe and not swallow it halfway.
  1. If you sweat profusely, make sure you wear a vest. Also, make sure that the vest has a deep neck because nothing will devalue the look of a suit more than an exposed vest.
  1. Nail the dimple- A slight dimple at the beginning of the tie adds an impish charm to your finished look.

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