Nailing the Knot

Nailing that perfect look is purely a matter of nailing the proportions of your attire. One key component to that is getting the proportions of your tie right.

If you have not juxtaposed your face and the knot of your tie please pay heed to the following advice.

If you have a medium-sized face:

Most Guys would easily fall in this category. The size of their face doesn’t merit a full Windsor, nor would it be justified by a slim four-in-hand tie knot. This is where the middle- of –the- road tie knot gets its due. To serve this purpose, you may want to tweak the four-in-hand knot to give it some fullness or you may simply want to play safe by opting for the standard half-Windsor. So, half Windsor could be your safest bet.

If you have a slim-face:

While a full or a medium sized face could fall flat with the smallish four-in-hand tie knot, it is extremely flattering on slim faces. This is the most basic tie knot. Most Guys begin with it. Done the right way, it could totally accentuate and bring the best in your look!

 If you have a full face:

So, a full face needs to know that there exists a tie knot that would do absolute justice to it. It would be a monstrosity if a fuller-faced person dons a slim tie. It is imperative that the meat in the cheeks or/and a wide jaw-line be balanced by a fuller knot such as the Windsor knot. The idea is to balance out the fullness and the width with a full tie knot.

Here’s hoping you have taken your cues and you won’t ignore the aforementioned pointers while putting your look together.

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