Mixing & Matching Basics

When you buy a black suit, you may be of the opinion that you must keep the trousers and jacket together and never separate the two. This makes it very difficult to keep your work wardrobe interesting and even more difficult to find something to wear every day. Luckily, we’ve come up and a quick and easy guide to help you figure out how to mix and match your suits, without committing any fashion felonies.

When it comes to suits, if you’re starting off your collection we suggest investing in good-quality, customized navy, grey and charcoal suits. These are classic colours that will go with everything. You can even mix and match pieces from each suit to create whole new looks that will go a long way. Here are some options you can work out with these three outfits.

Navy Blazer + Grey Trousers

It is a myth when people say that your trousers and suit jacket need to match. When you’re wearing the same thing day in and day out, it can get seriously drab. We suggest choosing lighter trousers with your navy blazer paired with a pink shirt for a subtle yet noticeable change.

Charcoal Blazer + Grey Trousers

Use those grey trousers with all three suit jackets. Grey and black makes a strong and powerful style statement which is perfect for the workplace. We suggest you keep it simple with this look and opt for a light blue or white shirt.

Grey Blazer + Navy Trousers

A grey blazer is perfect for the daytime and especially in the summer. Though we often stick to the dark top and lighter bottom rule, this look is great for a regular day at the office or when you need to step out for a lunch meeting.

Clearly, a few pieces can go a long way. We suggest getting a few made-to-measure suits that you can then wear interchangeably. This not only gives you added mileage on each garment but also gives you more options for day to day dressing. The corporate wardrobe can get a little bit boring so why not experiment with brighter shirts, printed ties and unique accessories?

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