Mens Style Mistakes To Avoid

From experience, the only thing worse than being under-dressed would be to be dressed in an ill-well way! Agree with us or not, we take it upon ourselves to rap you on your knuckles for your sartorial indiscretions, lest you should be a subject of ridicule by the bright wits of the modish world!

Let’s take a glance at some fashion botch-ups that don’t require you to be typically sharp-sighted in your vision but will go a long way in increasing your style quotient:


Faux Pas #1:

Roomy trouser hems– Now, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Aren’t your ankles narrower than your thighs? Then isn’t it a seemingly simple thing to register that your trouser should only follow the contours of your body and be smartishly tapered at the bottom?

How to nip it in the bud:

Jog to the nearest Tailor down your street and have him pin the excess fabric around the Trouser hems. One rough gaze in the mirror and you’ll see volumes of difference in your appearance. Tapered Trouser hems not only impart a slimness of appearance, but also lends a degree of formality to your all-round appearance.

Faux Pas#2:

Extra long, wrinkly Trousers! – Long marathons are covetable, but longer than long Pant length, certainly not! This craze for length gives the wearer an appearance of carelessness and takes away the panache of an otherwise dressy look. The Trouser length should definitely not swallow up half your shoes! It is very primary to keep the trouser length adequately long and no more!

The Fix:

The funny thing about an error of this propensity is that it can be fixed by the first Seamstress outside your house! And we mean it! So, if you are afflicted with this bane of extra length, we are hereby alarming you to do away with it, with utmost promptness!


Last, but not the least!

Not giving the world a peep of your cuffs from under the Jacket: Now it’s totally important to know that cuffs are good-looking things that deserve to be shown to the world. While it’s totally okay to show some more of them, it is absolutely unpardonable to give people the impression that you are wearing your elder Brother’s Jacket! It has got to be just the right amount of peek-a-boo!!

Our earnest request:

Find a skilled Tailor with deft fingers, as this process could be slightly trickier than the above two. In extreme cases, the Tailor might be required to detach the sleeves from the shoulders and attach them again for the adjusted length, but this won’t be required in most cases and a minor alteration could save your day.

Hopefully, our fashionable Sun has shone bright on you, and you are raring to do away with these indecorous faux-pas’.  Of course, if you totally wish to steer clear of those aforementioned bloopers, you could always call/email Herringbone and Sui for an appointment with a Stylist for a Suit that fits like it should!

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