H&S Travel Series – Cape Town

Arguably one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world, Cape Town is one of Mother Nature’s greatest achievements. Cape Town is situated in the southern hemisphere offering us a chance to escape the Indian summer with the day averaging out at 20 degrees. Table Mountain, flanked by Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head, forms the stunning backdrop of this coastal city. You will find over 700 peaks clocking in at 300m and above within Cape Town. Here you’ll find a Mediterranean climate, coastal plains, valleys and mountains making the city feel more like Southern California than Southern Africa.

Cape Town’s many streets lined with bars and pubs

When in the city, you need to get in touch with your inner adventurer and check out some of the well-known hiking trails along Table Mountain. Stock up on sunscreen and good hiking boots because the trek can be challenging in parts. In the evening, show off your favourite pair of Herringbone & Sui brogues down one of Cape Town’s many streets lined with bars and pubs – we suggest Long Street, Union Street and the smaller Bree Street for partying like a local.

SS16 Collection
H&S SS16 Collection
Cape Town's Vineyards
Cape Town’s multiple vineyards

For those who are coupled up and need something more PG, visit one of Cape Town’s multiple vineyards- often only a short drive from the city center. Within an hour, you can exchange cityscapes for bucolic towns and villages at the estates of Winelands destinations. Visit Stellenbosch and Franschhoek to experience true South African hospitality and sip on some of the world’s best wines while spending quality time with your lady love. If the outdoors are your thing, look no further than this varied destination where you can go from wine tasting to whale watching all in a day’s work. You’re going to want to carry warmer knits here so opt for one of ours (any woolen shirt or product we can recommend?) to keep your style game strong.

Shisha Nyama
Shisha Nyama

The local cuisine consists of South East Asian flavours that have trickled down from generations of traders, slaves and merchants passing through Cape Town on their journeys through the Spice Route. You’ll find an amalgamation of European and Asian flavours that are quite unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Bunny Chow was first created in Durban and is a South African staple. Shisha Nyama is another local delicacy and more of a social custom than cuisine, and with some of the best quality meats ever – how can you not? This involves barbequed meat combined with cold beers and friends, where you pick your cut of meat, wait for it to be cooked while hanging out with the boys.

The eclectic mix of cultures here means you will see fashion from around the world coming together to create a unique sense of style and clothing. You can finally pull out some heavier suits and thicker shirts to keep you warm while still showing off your sartorial prowess.

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