H&S Style Icons: Pharrell Williams

Few celebrities, especially men, have managed to straddle the world of fashion alongside their careers. Pharrell is one such legend. Producer, singer, rapper and businessman; the man proves the adage that black really don’t crack- Pharrell just keeps getting better with age (he’s 43). Pharrell launched Billionaire Boys Club in 2005 and the brand is still a staple at most high-end department stores along with several retail outlets across the world. Apart from collaborations with brands like Adidas and G-Star, he has also worked with Chanel on pieces from their Métiers d’art Paris in Rome 2015/16 collection. He makes street wear look classy and suits look effortless.

To inaugurate our Style Icons series, we’ve picked a few of our favourite looks that prove Pharrell really does know what he’s doing.

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams in a Military Jacket

This look from 2004 is very significant of that time. The military jacket had just blown up and was on everyone from Beyonce to well, Pharrell Williams. The distressed jeans, which now seem incredibly tacky, were actually a huge trend- don’t pretend you didn’t own a pair or two! He handles urban sophistication in a new way where you see the bling but it doesn’t overpower the look.

Pharrell Williams in elegant tuxedo
Pharrell Williams in an elegant tuxedo

Now if this isn’t a rapper, what is? The elegant tuxedo with the huge fur thrown on is just extravagance at its finest. What is great is the way Pharrell can go from 0 to 100 faster than a Hennessey Venom GT. Though this can be perceived as being a bit over the top, in Pharrell’s world it’s just another day at the office. Check out the Herringbone &Sui Groomshop collection for handmade, customizable options for those special occasions.

Pharrell Williams with Helen Lasichanh
Pharrell Williams with Helen Lasichanh

Helen Lasichanh might be the only woman cool enough to beat Pharrell at his own game. The model/designer has been married to Pharrell since 2013 and the couple have been making fashionably cool waves ever since. This androgynous look suits her incredibly well and the fact that Pharrell is wearing a suit jacket, bow tie and shirt with shorts puts him in another league altogether.

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