H&S Style Icons: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton maybe be known for his incredible skills on the race course, but once he steps off, his sense of fashion takes on a life of its own. Often touted as being one of the best and then worst dressed men in sports, what we love about Hamilton is his maximalist and quirky approach to fashion. He’s not willing to stand on the sidelines as another sportsman in an ill-fitting suit, Hamilton is very experimental with his fashion and does get a lot of slack for it. We appreciate the fact that Hamilton shows off his personality with his clothes and embraces the fun side of fashion. Here are some of his signature moves, when it comes to his personal wardrobe.


Lewis Hamilton is almost always caught posing in a fedora or baseball cap, signalling his non-conformist attitude. I mean this is the same guy that was turned away from Wimbeldon’s Royal Box for not respecting the dress code. As much as he likes to dance to his own tune, he definitely knows what works for him.

Colourful Suits

Hamilton can rock a red suit better than most men we know. You will often find him in a well-tailored, single-breasted, slim suit with cropped trousers and suede loafers. His ability to elevate his almost urban look to red carpet ready with only a few minor adjustments is reason enough to call him a style icon.


Now this may be where you need to take Hamilton with a pinch of salt. His choice of prints covers all ends of the spectrum and helps him turn heads wherever he goes. He loves his bling, bright prints and accessories making his fashion loud and unabashed.

Whatever your take on Hamilton’s style, one thing is for sure, the man does not shy away from dressing exactly how he likes. This has landed him on the front page of magazines and also as one of the best known sports stars in the world showing us that there is something to be said for wearing your personality on your sleeve.



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