The H&S Man: Vikram Raizada

Vikram Raizada is no stranger to the fashion space with over 25 years of business and consulting experience under his belt. He has been an integral part of the fashion industry, helping launch and establish properties like Lakme Fashion Week, Amazon Fashion Week and GQ Fashion Nights. His roster of clients includes names like Tata Cliq Luxury, Kunal Rawal and Conde Nast India. We chat with Vikram and uncover what makes him an H&S man.

What does style mean to you?

To me style is who you are. It is an internal and external expression of your personality, your mood and your individuality. Like someone said – style says who you are without you having to speak a word.

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

My dad was in the defence forces which had a big influence on me when I was growing up. Having worked in the fashion, music, jewellery, advertising and online industries and being able to travel extensively, I find that everything makes its mark. If I had to try and define my fashion I would perhaps say that I have a ‘vintage modern’ approach with an accent on ‘layering and accessorising’.

What do you think about the fashion space in India at the moment, where are we headed?

In my opinion we are finally seeing heterogeneity blossoming. As a society, we were all about ‘fitting in’ and only recently did ‘standing out’ become acceptable. Although we had a great indigenous fashion tradition, we seemed to have lost it during colonisation. I now see much more confidence about India and Indian tradition. I think we are seeing the genuine emergence of ‘India Modern’ and ‘Indi Luxe’ in the true sense.

How has the entry of brands like H&S and other bespoke companies changed the way we shop?

I think we have a better understanding of who we are and we have the confidence to project this to the world. We also have a better understanding of fits and silhouettes than we ever had before. In such an ecosystem brands like H&S will allow us make our choices and express our creativity.

What are your style essentials?

I think a well-fitting, well accessorised jacket and a great pair of shoes can lift any man’s ensemble. I think detailing and accessorising are style essentials, if that makes any sense.

Fashion and technology go hand in hand these days, what are your thoughts on this and where have you seen this shine most brightly?

There are so many aspects to this. Firstly, technology is constantly exposing us to, and educating us about, fashion. Then there is the aspect of purchase – no longer is the lack of access to fashion brick and mortar retail a disadvantage – today we can access everything we wish for with a few clicks. And then of course is the powerful ‘influencer quotient’ of technology; while tech is playing a growing direct role in fashion retail, it is certainly already an key influencer in the fashion purchase process.

Rapid Fire

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Read the newspaper. I’m old fashioned like that…

3 things you always have on your desk

iPad Pro, old fashioned large calculator and Nespresso

Last good book you read

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Modern or vintage?

Modern AND Vintage

Favourite fashion brands

Currently Gucci, Kooples, Saint Laurent and Uniqlo.

Favourite holiday destination

Pretty much anywhere in Europe – we drive quite a lot.

Complete this sentence, the H&S man is…

Confident, honest and stylish

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