H&S Grooming Guide

When you think about grooming, you probably break this down into shaving and getting a haircut and that’s where that thought ends. Well, lucky for you we’ve taken this a step further to create a complete grooming guide that every dapper gentleman needs to read. There are finer aspects when it comes to grooming that most of us refrain from talking about, because well, there are some delicate areas we prefer to keep to ourselves. That being said, your grooming style can say a lot about you and no one likes to make a bad first impression.


Depending on what you’re doing with your hair, we suggest heading to your favourite stylist at least once every three weeks just to keep things in check. Even if you are growing out your hair, you’ll need to get regular trims to avoid split ends and messy growth. Check with your hairstylist about what products and shampoo you should be using to keep yourself looking in top shape.


We live in a time where it’s Movember all year round. Beards are in and we aren’t complaining. That being said, there is nothing less attractive than a scraggly, unkempt beard that seems to have no beginning or end. Get your barber to help you manage your facial hair at least once a month and invest in a good pair of trimmers to stop yourself from getting too many gaping stares from the aunty who lives next door.


A clean-shaven chest is purely a matter of choice. We prefer going au naturel but if you’re really into showing off your pecs then who are we to judge. If you are going to attempt shaving on your own, use a trimmer not a razor as that will result in nicks and razor burn. Trim in the direction of the grain on dry skin and go all the way down so you don’t have any stray hairs peeking over your trousers.


There is no woman in the world who will say she is opposed to her man getting rid of his excessive back hair. It’s just not attractive. If you are especially werewolf-ish, laser hair removal might be the best option. You can’t feel a thing and after six sittings your hair would have decreased by about 70%. For others, unless you have a very understanding roommate we would not suggest taking to this on your own. Waxing is a good option here but it does hurt so try applying some numbing cream before your appointment.

Arms and legs

Men are meant to be hairy, that’s how we were made. So unless you are exceptionally fuzzy, you can leave your limbs the way they are. If you’re very keen on being silky smooth you could try shaving or waxing. The benefit of waxing is that although it hurts like a b****, it lasts for at least three weeks and the hair will grow back smoother and uniformly.

Down there

We told you we were going in to no man’s land! Manscaping is a huge necessity and not only is it more hygienic but your partner will be mighty thrilled that they don’t have to navigate through a forest to find your manhood. If you plan to take on the task yourself, be very, very careful. Use a good, sharp razor and lots of shaving cream. You don’t want to pull the skin too tight or you may get cut but taut enough so that there aren’t any folds or wrinkles. Some salons do offer waxing down there but this is not for the faint of heart.

The Backside

If you’ve reached this far down the article, we know you’re serious about your grooming. Ideally your butt should be completely hair free, there is nothing attractive about a hairy behind. We suggest waxing this area for full removal or using trimmers over the cheeks.

A few things to keep in mind, always clean your trimmer or razor before and after use and make sure the blade is sharp. Moisturize after shaving or waxing and use an after-shave or anti-irritant if you’re prone to razor burn. If you do get cut, dab on some antiseptic and apply pressure till the bleeding stops.

Happy hair removal!



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