How To Personalise Your Style

These days there are so many choices and fashion trends in every direction that it can be hard carving out your own path. Most men we see these days display style that is kind of like a jack of all trades and master of none scenario where it’s hard to pin down their personal style. A night out can easily highlight how everyone is shopping at the same stores and there is limited variation or excitement left in fashion. At Herringbone & Sui, we pride personal style. This is exactly why we built a company focused on customisable fashion where you can create looks tailored to your own specifications. If you’re still having trouble figuring this out, then let us help you with a few tips on how to personalise your style.

Personalise Your Style

Show some personality

The way to personalise style is to let your personality shine through. Think about your likes, dislikes, inspiration and your roots to figure out what you naturally gravitate toward. If you’ve grown up in a traditional North Indian city for example, perhaps adding an ethnic touch is part of your style. For those who are drawn toward a more business-like vibe, your look could involve very sharp, sleek silhouettes.


Create points of interest

If the colours in your closet range from white to grey to dark grey, you may want to think about adding some colour. If colour isn’t your thing, how about some velvet, monogrammed smoking slippers? You don’t have to go all out and carry a cane however adding a quirky touch will always be remembered.


Get out of your comfort zone

Just because you’ve never worn a particular garment or seen many people wear it around you, doesn’t mean it’s off limits. There is so much fashion to experiment with, you will never know till you try. We’ve seen men averse to the colour pink sport salmon shorts on a weekly basis. Think about adding little things that you never thought necessary like lapel pins, cufflinks, printed socks or a funky wristwatch as an extension of your personality.


Know your audience

As much as you want to individualise your style, always be conscious of where you’re going and who may be there. If your signature look is corporate chic but you’re attending a barbeque, swap your trousers for chinos or linen shorts and roll up the sleeves on your pin stripe shirt. Mix and match designer brands with high street pieces for a more interesting look.



The best way to announce your style and feel your personal best is by customizing garments to first off, fit you perfectly, and secondly to pay homage to you. The length of a cuff or size of a button can dramatically change the way you look and these are small but important ways for you to show off your one of a kind style. With one of a kind garments!


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