How To Nail Black-Tie Dressing

Trying to nail dress codes can be frustrating, with directions such as ‘daytime casual’, ‘brunch semi-formal’ and ‘cocktail attire’ sometimes all you want to do is throw on a pair of jeans and call it a day. The one that people have the most trouble with however is black-tie. When you get an invite that says it is a black-tie affair, do not start considering your options. It is one thing to be underdressed for a Sunday brunch, but being the only one not wearing a tuxedo at your best friend’s wedding it totally different (and way worse). When people say black-tie, they mean you need to look your absolute best so don’t skimp and go with your regular old black suit, but man up and rise to the occasion.

Black-tie means tuxedo, more specifically a black tuxedo. Men are often confused by the difference between a tuxedo and a suit and why one is considered black-tie while the other is not. A tuxedo jacket has peak of shawl lapels in satin or grograin with matching trousers that have a stripe down the leg. A tuxedo is reserved for only the finest of occasions; weddings, big celebrations and the Oscars among other things. These events are special moments and you want to look your best which is why we suggest getting a made-to-measure tuxedo that will look great and last for years. Now that you’ve figured out what you’re wearing, you need to make sure you’re wearing it right.

Once you’ve got your jacket and trousers, it’s time to pick the shirt. A tuxedo shirt is always white and has French cuffs which need cufflinks. The front of the shirt is also different from a regular shirt and features a pleated or pique bib-front. This looks much classier than cleaner than having buttons running down your front. A tuxedo shirt should also have a spread or point collar rather than a wing collar. Pair this classy look with a pair of black socks and patent leather black shoes for the icing on the cake. These are your essentials.

The accessories that go with a tuxedo are unique to this outfit and add elegance and sophistication to your look. The first is the bow-tie. Unless you’re trying to look a little bit quirky, stick to a bow-tie that matches your jacket (black) and the fabric of your lapels (silk or grosgrain). Next you will need cufflinks, choose a pair that you like and feel free to add some flair to this component. The third thing is a cummerbund. This black strap around your waist will ensure that you don’t have any of your white shirt peeking out from under the jacket buttons. It keeps everything looking sleek and stylish.

The key behind all of this is to have a tuxedo that is well-made and fits you perfectly. There is nothing more unsightly than an ill-fitting tuxedo, no matter how well you’ve accessorized it.

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