How To Hide A Hangover

As much as we love the festive season, all the fun you have the night before is usually cause for a lot of pain the next day. The open bars that become all the more common during the winter months are both the bane and boon of your existence. Although sipping on Japanese whiskey while discussing the shortcomings of Blade Runner may seem sophisticated, this sooner than later turns into less coherent discussions with some Bollywood music thrown in. There may be no worse feeling in the world than having to get to the office at 10am, hungover, on less than five hours of sleep. You are dehydrated, tired, nauseous, have a headache and can only think of lying down. Although our hangover tips won’t completely erase the memory of your terrible dance moves from the night before, they may help convince your boss to keep you on the payroll a few more months. Here is how we suggest you hide a hangover.


Prevention is better than cure, and so we shall start there. The first thing you need to do is line your stomach with carb-heavy meals that include many complex carbs. Think more brown rice, sweet potato and quinoa versus pizza and french fries. These carbohydrates will help slow down the absorption of the ethanol and help you last a little bit longer, feeling a little bit better.

You may have heard this a million times but there is really nothing as important as drinking as much, if not more, water than you are alcohol. For every drink you drink, have at least one glass of water. Most of us forget this as the night goes on but try to make a deal with the bartender to at least serve you a glass of water every time you ask for a refill.

The Morning After

Your skin is often the first place that signs of a heavy night start to show. You tend to look tired, a little grey and dehydrated. The ethanol from your single malt has stolen all the fluid from your body, most specifically from your head (hence the pounding headache) and your face (hence the wrinkles and dark circles). In order to cover this problem up, without having to rummage through your partner’s makeup kit, we suggest a deeply hydrating face cream that contains hydraulic acid to get you through the day. Also, you may think chugging water will help you out however you actually need something stronger and something with carbohydrates in it, like coconut water- nature’s miracle cure.

As dry as you may feel on the outside, we’re sure you’re feeling worse on the inside. Many of us wake up with a hoarse voice the next day which, along with bloodshot eyes is a dead giveaway that you’re hungover and not something you want the board to notice. Jump start your saliva glands but sucking on an ice cube, some gum or sipping on a cup of hot water with honey. Keep a lozenge with you through your day to tackle any throat pain or hoarseness.

The second issue here is bloodshot eyes which are the result of your body trying to retain the fluid that the ethanol is robbing you of. The key to hiding a hangover is looking way better than you feel! You can always use over the counter eye drops or try something more homemade. Put two tea bags (preferably green tea) in boiling water and let them steep for a few minutes. Then remove the tea bags and put them in the fridge until they cool down. Then place these over your poor peepers for about 10 minutes as the tannins from the tea seep into your skin and help deflate the area.


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