How To Dress For The Summer

Fashion trends change but one thing that is for sure is that every year, summer will come and hit you like a cannonball. Living in India we have an extremely long and scorching summer which is often when we plan to travel abroad and take advantage of Europe and North America’s far tamer sunshine. Every season has a few style notes on how to dress and we often keep these at the back of our minds while making small wardrobe upgrades every few months. Now that summer is upon us, and in full-swing, we wanted to list out a few summer essentials that will keep you looking cool even on the hottest of days.

Summer Shirts

Summer Shirts
Since you can’t (always) avoid wearing a shirt in summer, no matter how hot it gets, it’s advisable to pick shirts that are more summer friendly than your winter attire. Go for shirts that are breathable and lightweight so your body does not overheat and naturally, sweats less. Choose 100% cotton shirts that are soft, durable and absorb moisture. Linen is another good choice as it dries quite fast so that you aren’t left with unsightly sweat patches. Go for lighter pastel shades for the summer as well as fun prints.

Linen Suits

Linen Suit
The workday in summer can suddenly seem way more difficult than it did a few months ago. The thought of wearing a full suit while it’s burning up outside is torturous but these are the lengths one needs to go to look good (and stay employed). We suggest choosing linen jackets and trousers which although very lightweight, are still clean and sleek. The only problem here is that linen wrinkles very fast but this is a problem you can hide with darker colours.


Summer Shorts
Okay, as obvious as this may sound, you would be surprised at how many types of shorts there are out there. The last thing anyone wants to wear in summer is jeans or trousers so keep these rules in mind to rock your shorts right:

  • Your shorts should end right above the knee, higher than this and you’ll be getting more looks than the lady on your arm.
  • Keep things slim, baggy shorts are for rappers and high school students so pick a pair that fits snugly but still give you room to move.
  • Choose from a wide variety of summer friendly fabrics like chambray, linen, cotton and denim.


Loafers are the classic summer shoe and will complete your outfit. Whether you pair these shoe with a pair of chambray shorts, linen trousers or even a bathing suit, you’ll beat the heat in style. Leather loafers are great but do tend to get a bit hot so make sure you buy those tiny no-show socks or you’ll be left with a pair of very sweaty feet.

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