Healthy Restaurants in Mumbai

It seems almost impossible to avoid eating out, whether it’s a business lunch or dinner date, we end up dining out way more than our fitness trainers would like. The problem with eating out is that restaurants often use more salt, oil and sugar in their dishes than we would at home (which is why it always tastes so much better!). The downside of this is that after even a few days of having restaurant quality food, you can start to feel unfit and even gain an inch or two.

If you’re anything like us then you take your fitness pretty seriously and don’t want to risk an extra set of push-ups if your trainer hears about your eating habits. So what’s the solution? How do you maintain a happy social life without having to stay away from restaurants? Well, why not check out one of these five trainer approved dining destinations? Each venue has options for all kinds of diets ranging from vegan to keto to paleo and more. Check this out and let us know what you think!

Kitchen Garden

Started by the founders of the well-loved Suzette brand, Kitchen Garden brings you healthy dining with style. Not only is their Bandra café constantly flanked with celebrities and models, but almost all their meals are healthy and very flavourful. The menu indicates exactly what items are organic, gluten-free and vegan while the grab-and-go counter in the front of the restaurant is perfect for when you just need a quick snack. The menu has a range of pre-made and DIY salads along with bowls, sandwiches, juices, smoothies and even some desserts!


When Vanika Choudhary decided to quit her job and devote her life to sharing her passion for healthy food with the world, Sequel was born. This bistro in Bandra (it seems only Bandra is concerned about health these days!) is an extension of Vanika’s diet which is organic, gluten and refined sugar free and somehow still really tasty! The restaurant has now expanded to include a little patio area and serves up healthy versions of things you would normally order such as zoodles instead of pasta, green juices instead of sugary drinks and sugar-free desserts.



One of the newer kids on the healthy food block, Flax is a saviour to all those South Bombay vegans who need their avocado fix. This new restaurant offers healthy food and beverages at very reasonable prices. What’s great about Flax is that they offer bowls as meals that are more satisfying than a salad and also fill you up. These include various flavours like their Buckwheat Bowl, Mediterranean Chicken Bowl, Greek Bown and So Thai Bowl. Each one is jam packed with fresh, flavourful ingredients and is balanced out with dips and dressings to keep it interesting.


La Folie Lab

You may think we’re making a mistake adding the branch of dessert brand La Folie on here but trust us, you will be surprised at how healthy and delicious the food is here! The brand has newly opened their second outlet in Kamla Mills which we are sure will be just as successful, if not even more than the Bandra branch. The food here is well thought out, wholesome and cooked right in front of your eyes. They have more than just salads and actually have a full range of main courses that you can indulge in, if you can resist heading over to the dessert counter!

The Bombay Salad Company

If you live in Bandra and love your salads, you’ve probably heard about this place. Located across the street from the Bombay Waffle Company (clearly the owners have a good sense of humour) Bombay Salad has by far, the widest range of salads and wraps in the city. You can pick from one of their pre-made options or make one with your own ingredients. They deliver to Bandra as well which is great and also sell a range of healthy and gluten-free desserts.


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