Gifts For Every Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner which means you need to get your gift sorted out, and fast. Dads can be notoriously hard to shop for and are the first people to say that they don’t need anything, however, we beg to differ. The thing with fathers is that the gift needs to be functional. If there is no obvious and immediate use for the product, it’s more likely to end up in the back of their closet than where you’d like to see it. The goal is to figure out what your dad enjoys most and finding ways to gift him something within that sphere, without getting him something he already has. Here are a few gifting options for different dads with different tastes.

The Sportsman

Most fathers are into some sport or the other and we know this all too well after years of being shushed as they watch games on television. A great gift for a dad who loves his golf would be a round of golf at a course he doesn’t usually play at. This is something he will definitely use and enjoy. If your dad is into cricket, why not try to get tickets for the next big game? Even if that means waiting a few months, it’s the thought that counts. For those fathers who enjoy all kinds of sports and also reads, you could select a great biography that celebrates a legend like Pete Sampras, Sir Alex Ferguson or Tiger Woods.

The Nature Lover

Many dads are fond of the outdoors and will spend time in their holiday homes, on their boats or in the mountains just connecting with nature. Although we don’t have a huge selection of outdoor shops in India, a new pair of hiking boots or running shoes is always a great gift because you know these will get worn.

The Bartender

It’s a family ritual that when everyone comes over, there is always that one person who loves to get behind the bar and make sure everyone is topped up. If your dad is a bartender in disguise then why not surprise him with a fun bartending set, complete with shaker, muddler and glasses? If he is a wine aficionado you could buy him a bottle of his favourite wine paired with a wine aerator to ensure that every glass he drinks is full of oxygen and flavour.

The Hard to Define

Unfortunately, many of our fathers fall into this category which means they enjoy sports but don’t care to play or read about them, they enjoy their nightly tipple but won’t go through the hassle of making their own drink or they love the outdoors but only from the comfort of a luxury hotel room. For this breed of men, we could think of nothing better than a made-to-measure shirt or suit from Herringbone & Sui. If your father has never gotten something customised before, this will be a real treat for him. One of our expert stylists will come over and take him through all our styles and fabrics before measuring him up and placing his order. Within a few weeks, he’ll have a brand-new garment, tailor made to his exact specifications.

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