How To Dress Like The Peaky Blinders

Perhaps you’ve visited the Herringbone & Sui store recently and noticed a different kind of energy, one that’s more laid-back yet still super stylish. This is because we’ve been prepping ourselves for our newest store launch, Herringbone & Sui hits Bandra!
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To celebrate this occasion, we’re throwing a huge party, of course. And what good is a party without a fun theme to go with it? If you’ve seen snippets of our latest photo shoot then you can tell that Thomas Shelby and his monochrome gang have been on our minds. Not only has this brilliant crime series taken the world by storm, so has the fashion featured in the show. The dress code for our launch party is Peaky Blinders and here’s how you can dress like one of the boys.


How To Dress Like The Peaky Blinders
Most gangster shows focus on flash. Silk shirts, gold watches and big prints however the Peaky Blinders are based in the heart of the Industrial Revolution in Birmingham- perhaps the greyest place in the world. Here you will find Thomas Shelby dressed in black, grey and more grey to mirror the insipid climate and dark undercurrents of the show. You will see these men pay homage to British tailoring with tweed, herringbone, plaid and striped prints. The Peaky Blinder boys keep it simple yet significant whether you find them in a three-piece suit or jacket and shirt.


Tommy Shelby in a navy pinstripe suit with black overcoat
The Peaky Blinders have their signature accessory, their flat cap fully equipped with razorblades- not something we recommend trying out! Having a signature, classic item is a great way to amp up your look and the Shelby brothers are great for inspiration. Thomas is often seen in a three-piece suit with one single accessory that always sets him apart, his pocket watch with exposed brass chain. Arthur on the other hand, can usually be found with a bow-tie and a straight folded pocket square. Whatever you choose as your signature, make sure you wear it loud and proud!

Classic Cuts

Narrow tailoring with English style waistcoats and overcoats
The Peaky Blinders have renewed our interest in sharp, narrow tailoring with English style waistcoats and overcoats. At the core of it, the boys choose classic pieces that they could wear in every episode and they still wouldn’t look out of place. These include heavy, long, woollen overcoats; black, leather work boots; shirts buttoned up to the neck, with or without a tie and a well-tailored suit- something every man (gangster or not) should have in their wardrobe!


Though not suited to Mumbai summers, the Blinder boys are always found in multiple layers thanks to the Birmingham chill. They make it look easy to throw together a shirt, waistcoat and overcoat but you will have to modify this trend to suit our tropical climate.

The Blinder boys are always found in multiple layers thanks to the Birmingham chill
We recommend choosing an unstructured blazer, perhaps in wool or flannel and pairing this with a trill over shirt in corduroy- another fabric that is very vintage British.

We hope you manage to throw together something that is both Peaky Blinders and Herringbone & Sui approved and we’ll see you at the party!

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