Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Who says you have to save all your cleaning for Spring? As we grow older the focus needs to move from quantity to quality when it comes to our wardrobes. The aim is to own a few well-made pieces that can carry you through multiple occasions and various situations while looking sharp and stylish. There is no need to keep those acid wash jeans from the late 90s to remind you of how good you looked with long hair (they said) nor are you ever going to wear that loud, monogrammed t-shirt (if you know what’s good for you). Today is the day! Take the time to go through your wardrobe and focus on what you can salvage and what simply must go. Here are a few tips to help you declutter.



It’s amazing what a good tailor can achieve. We’ve seen bulky winter jackets turn into chic coats and bell-bottom jeans go boot-leg. It’s amazing how good something can look with just a few tucks. One will often receive gifts of clothing from well-meaning relatives that look like they were made for someone much larger (hello re-gifting?).


The Essentials

It’s important to recognise what is an essential and what isn’t. Certain things need to be invested in and a sub-par replacement simply won’t do. This applies to a white shirt, dark blazer, a navy blue suit, dark blue jeans and work shirts. If you have an endless supply of jeans, try each pair on and keep only those that look like they were made for you. If you have gained a few pounds, perhaps hit the gym and then try them on again?


There is nothing that can bring an outfit together like the right accessories. A good belt, high-quality shoes, pocket squares and watches are all items that enhance your look immensely. Get rid of worn out belts and shoes and think about keeping just a few essential colours; brown, black, blue, etc. Storage of leather products is incredibly important and we wrote an entire blog post on taking care of your suits and garments here (hyperlink to that post) for exactly this reason.

Image 4: H&S accessory shots
Every six months, or depending on how much you shop, go through your wardrobe and make two piles. One for items you haven’t worn in a year and most likely won’t wear again and a second for those that you’re unsure of. Try on everything in the second pile and you might rediscover an old favourite!

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