The Best Bachelor Party Destinations

It sometimes seems that getting married can be justified simply because of the bachelor party. It’s not enough to just have a party at home where you invite your boys, we have now moved bachelor parties overseas to some of the most exotic and exciting destinations in the world. The great thing about the bachelor party is that it’s an amazing way to hang out with your closest friends without any of the pressures of work or women. As important as these two things are to us, it’s essential to get a break once in a while. Based on your personality, you should pick a party destination that suits you and your friends. Here are our top picks:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas
No list can be complete without this destination! Las Vegas is THE bachelor party hotspot where the party never ends and anything is possible. This is the original when it comes to bachelor party locations and can really never go wrong, especially if your friends are they type who love to party and gamble. Vegas has everything you can think of from pool parties to world-class nightlife, Michelin starred restaurants and the best entertainment in the world. For those who enjoy gambling, there’s really nothing better than a weekend in Vegas, especially because you know this will never happen once you’re married!


Amsterdam is a huge bachelor party destination due to the legalization of two very popular vices. Although we can’t condone one, herbal intoxicants are okay in our books. This is a great destination for a crew who isn’t keen to party too hard but also wants options. Amsterdam has lots of unique things to do such as renting boats on the canals, sex shops, museums and much more. Do keep in mind though that the city gets very chilly in the winter so if you’re looking for something tropical, keep reading.


Ibiza is one of the most invigorating and energetic places on earth. This is where the 24-hour party people were born and they continue to invade this Spanish island summer after summer. Ibiza offers a great blend of partying, food, beach time and entertainment. The Spanish coastline offers incredible possibilities for water sports and tanning while the city’s behemoth nightclubs will have you moving till early in the morning, here the party doesn’t stop for anyone! If you enjoy house and techno music, plan to see some of the biggest and most talented names in music.


Bangkok is a great destination mainly due to its proximity to India, from Mumbai it’s only a four-hour flight. Another plus with Bangkok is that it is well-priced with great hotels and incredible hospitality. The nightlife and food are only starting points here. The city is overflowing with expats and tourists and there is always something happening any night of the week. You can of course venture through the seedier parts of the city but there are amazing restaurants and bars that will make you feel like you could be absolutely anywhere in the world!

Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro
Now this is one destination that you should only pick if you have really committed friends. Flying halfway across the world is made totally worth it in Rio, the city with the most beautiful beaches and women in the world. There is a tangible electricity in Rio that you can feel as soon as you land. The people are friendly, the skies are blue and the nightlife- pulsating; try to plan your trip around Carnival, the biggest party in the world! Brazil is a huge country so if you’re keen to explore the countryside and do something more adventurous, Rio is a great base for you to then make a longer trip out of your bachelor party.

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