H&S Travel Series – Amalfi Coast

Italy is the land of all things decadent and indulgent, great wine, beautiful women and some of the best dressed folk around. We’re starting off our Summer Series with the Amalfi Coast, on the West coast of Italy. Known for its rocky beaches and celebrity haunts; Amalfi is a great choice for family trips and relaxation. Narrow lanes, steep steps and blinding sunlight mean you probably don’t want to be weighed down in a three piece suit but still need to look Neapolitan chic. As a rule, Italians tend to dress more simply than Americans so that means you can leave your basketball shorts and sneakers at home and focus on minimal elegance.

Italians are seriously style-conscious and tend to pay close attention when selecting their abbigliamento or outfit. Stick to easy yet sophisticated silhouettes and always go for a more flattering, modern cut-something we here at H&S know a thing or two about. Fine, gauzy linen and Egyptian cotton are your best friends on this coastal getaway and make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes because you’ll be walking throughout. Italians are undeniably fashionable and it seems their national sport after football, is people watching so ensure you’re dressed in tune with your destination and don’t stick out like an overcooked bowl of pasta.


While on the coast, determine where your base will be as the area comprises of a few cities namely Sorrento, Postino, Praiano, Amalfi and Ravello. Each has its own charm however Positano is the most popular. You will find lots of tourist infested restaurants and bars, boutique hotels and rock beaches. Driving along the coast is highly recommended as you can really experience the natural beauty of the region and stop off to take a dip at one of the many hidden beaches. Do your research beforehand because finding a hotel in season is like trying to find linen that won’t wrinkle– it just won’t happen. Praiano is a great spot for slightly cheaper rates and houses some great restaurants- try out Mama’s Restaurant at Hotel Margherita for authentic Italian fare on the rooftop of the cozy hotel.


The Herringbone&Sui man dresses with flair, panache and has a keen eye for his companions. Dress like a local in neutrals with a pop of colour, linen shirts with fitted jackets and cropped trousers with brogues. A few tips, in Italy flip-flops are not considered appropriate footwear outside of the beach so ensure you’re carrying good quality shoes and leather sandals. Graphic tees are a huge faux pas and we suggest that if you simply can’t live without your white V-neck, go ahead but make sure it’s spotless and crisp. Pair with linen trousers or Bermuda shorts with a simple belt. Don’t be afraid of the speedo! If tan lines are your enemy- Amalfi is the place for you. Italians like their swimsuits like they do their trousers, form fitting and tight.

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Check out herringboneandsui.com for some inspiration on what you pack to feel like a true local on the Amalfi Coast.

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