All about work Shirts

You don’t have to have a Masters in Sartorial sense to pronounce the Shirt as the most exquisitely appropriate piece of clothing to be worn at work. Its time-honoured appeal renders it to be paired with everything from corduroys to formal trousers. A basic shirt has the capacity to allow a range of variations to a certain look when teamed with a jacket, sweater, tie, muffler or a pocket square. Quite easily, the Shirt may be proclaimed as the most ingenious sartorial invention. Now the only bone of contention in this smooth choice would be to decide the apt fabric, color and fit for the same. Cotton should be your only choice when it comes to work shirts.  Your shirt should under no circumstance be warm, that insular forte is strictly reserved for a jacket or a sweater. For that extra bit of comfort only stick to shirts with 2 ply Egyptian Giza cotton (Herringbone & Sui shirts only feature this), they allow for unparalleled comfort and do not wrinkle easily.

On the colors front solid colors would be your easiest bet, however, we recommend a few checks and stripes to make your wardrobe a more interesting place. A white and blue (all shades and tones of it) would weather the test of all times. Certain rules might come handy while choosing stripes and checks. Remember to choose subtle checks and narrow stripes for work. The idea is to come across as silently dapper and not overbearingly attention-seeking. Also, you may want to reserve the button-down shirts for when you are sailing a yacht, because of an obvious lack of wind at the work place! If at all you feel a special love for that style, remember to wear it without a jacket or a tie. The ideal fit, besides being a matter of proportions is also a matter of preference. We recommend slim fits for T-shaped, athletic bodies and a slightly comfortable fit for an overweight person. Speaking of monogramming, the golden rule is that discreetness and coolness would speak volumes, whereas in-your-faceness would trash an altogether handsome look. The cuff is, beyond doubt, the coolest place to get your initials inscribed. Scrap monogramming under your pocket altogether. Dwelling on pockets, they are best reserved for trousers, unless you have an overwhelming need to carry pocket change, calculators and ornate pens! A clean look is your safest claim to a snazzy look! A well turned out sense of style and a careful, yet charmingly careless attention to details is your ultimate trump card when it comes to making an impression. You can obviously rope in the services of herringbone and Sui to get you there!!

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