9 wardrobe revamps

Today is as good a time as any to discard and give away all the worn out and ill-fitted clothes in your wardrobe. Only clothes which add value to your personal style deserve to stay in your wardrobe. Remember, quality is key in maintaining the flair of your wardrobe. And when we speak of individual style, accessories deserve a special mention and cannot be left aside. So, it is time to spruce up your wardrobe with relevant accessories to bring out the best in your attire. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while shopping for your new clothes:

  1. The Double-breasted Suit is clearly the flavor of the season and having one in your Wardrobe would only keep you looking in line with this season’s frenzy. It really is very vintage in it’s appeal and the good part is that it is coming back in rage! And if you are not the one for it, then don’t forget to accessorize your basic Single-breasted Suit with a pocket square.
  1. The Blazer is an important building block of your wardrobe and to look your sharpest best, keep it as silm-fitted as possible. Wear it with contrasting Trousers, different washes of Denim and chinos. Never was this look more popular!
  1. Opt for Cuff buttons and reserve the cuff-links for special occasions and ceremonies.
  1. Bring back the Waistcoat and make it the same fabric as your Suit Jacket. Let it be slim-fitted. Choose your style and Herringbone and Sui shall make it come to life!
  1. The indispensible Tie! Woolen and Cashmere ties are really popular this season and are apt for Daywear. Browse through our connoisseur selection to take your pick!
  1. A Cashmere Scarf could be a great accessory if you wish to avoid the tie. It is soft, fluid and utterly fashionable!
  1. Don’t Neglect your socks. Buy the best that there are! With the Trousers becoming modishly short, the socks are on full display! Just make sure that they are amply long and your bare legs don’t make a peep show.
  1. A handsome alternative to Loafers could be the snazzy monkstrap laced shoes. They go perfectly well with a Suit as well as formal Shirts and Trousers.
  1. Don a very smart Laptop bag which could also be doubled as a brief-case. Make sure its sleek, smooth and compact.
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