8 Things Every Man Must Have in His Office

For many of us, our work space is our sanctuary. A place where you know where everything is and there is no ambiguity. There’s also not usually a lot of room so it’s important that the pieces you choose to take up space in your office, matter. Each of us has a different working style but there are a few essentials that cross personalities, environments and jobs.



If you’re not wearing a suit to the office every day, having a spare blazer or jacket on hand can save you from some embarrassing fashion fails. You never know when a big client may come in to town or when you’re required to make a television appearance. The best thing about keeping one of your own garments readily available is that you know it fits like a glove and has been customised by Herringbone & Sui to your exact specifications.

A good pair of headphones


There are times when you need to watch interviews or event videos on your computer and other times where you just need a quick pick me up tune. Tapping your feet to blasting music isn’t the most professional thing so keeping this private is ideal. It’s also easier to use headphones on your cell phone so your hands are free to type. We suggest keeping on pair at home and one at the office as headphones have a nasty habit of getting lost.



With weather like ours, it can be pouring rain one minute and blazing hot the next. If you often go out for site visits or spend time walking around the office, body odour can be your biggest enemy. There is nothing worse than bad BO so we highly recommend keeping an extra stick of deo in your drawer for those pungent situations.

An umbrella


Mumbai is notorious for completely unexpected downpours and the last thing you want is to be caught in the rain before a big meeting. An umbrella is an easy item to keep in your office and will keep you dry and looking good.

Extra chargers


It boggles our mind to see people carrying their chargers to and from the office. We usually have so many devices plugged in at one time that the mess from your cables itself can get overwhelming. Every time you buy a gadget, buy two chargers so you always have enough juice to get you through the day.

A lint brush

Lint Brush

This one is a very important piece when it comes to looking professional. With the excess humidity we’re often faced with, lint and dust cling to our clothes without us even noticing. A quick pat down with a lint brush and you’re good to go.
Extra toothbrush or mints

You never know when you’ll be invited for a heavy Mughlai meal or spicy Chinese lunch while at work. The worst part about these meals isn’t the heartburn or acidity but the strong smell it leaves on your breath. Ensure no one has any reason to shield themselves from your bad breath with a toothbrush or pack of strong mints.



You need to constantly refuel your body so that your mind can work at its highest potential. Snacking is often prescribed by doctors and can be really healthy when done right. We suggest keeping packets of dry fruit, nuts, granola and protein bars to help pick you up during an afternoon slump.

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